GERTEX APPAREL SOURCING AGENCY InternationalTextile Company, Established 2001 Izmir/TURKEY is one of the fast growing Company in TURKEY.

We are currently supplier a number of major European and US importers. Now we are happy to announce that we are now offering same Quality service to the Companies like yours.From our company in Izmir,the heart of low cost and good quality ready wear garments we can produce your company with whatever kind of apparel would you like. Our Products are special because they are made of good quality cloth in the since established our company

we have been selling our products we made a good name for ourselves in Countries around the world.

We can make a sure that you get the good quality you need at the best possible price.And our Staffs of quality controllers insure you get the garments are well made.Our goal always reaching high quality level and customer satisfaction..

 Fashion and Apparel

In today's developing world the concept of change becomes the part of all people's life. Like other concepts, fashion is changing considerably day by day.
GERTEX APPAREL SOURCING AGENCY International textile is a company, which achived to walk side by side with this changing fashion.

Today, GERTEX APPAREL SOURCING AGENCY International Textile follow the current fashion with its wide range of %100 cotton products for both men, women and children such as shirts,   t-shirts, sweat shirts, blouses, underwear... Moreover, customers will be able to find products for all seasons.(Also some of home textile categorize.pls ask for it..)

Success in Business

GERTEX APPAREL SOURCING AGENCY International Textile had catched that succes in business because of its culture, and ability in pursuing the changing fashion. The concept of quality forms the basis of the company's culture.

The second concept in company's culture is the comprehension of perfect customer satisfication, which can be achieved by perfect quality.
The company culture, which had described above exists totally in all parts of the company from managerial departments to workers.

As a result, customers will be able to find high quality products with reasonable prices.

We call customer satisfaction our success.

 GERTEX APPAREL SOURCING AGENCY International Textile Company established in 2001 since then we proudly exporting garments all over the world since established,the company have been very good business relationship with our customers. We also work certifed organic cotton fabric Products (EKO&SKAL) perfectly fitting products have been made using 100% organic Cotton. No pesticides,bleaches or toxic dyes were used on the cotton, which means there are no harsh chemicals against your skin or polluting our lands, our waters and our children. So go ahead, protect the earth for generations to come and allow your skin to experience the luxurious, natural feel of pure cotton.Respecting earth's precious enviroment.Our nature friendly cotton yarns not only makes fabric good But you can feel good about what you are wearing..

If would you like to take advantage from our quality service and products that GERTEX APPAREL SOURCING AGENCY International Textile Company Has offer your company.

 Best regards   
Gertex Apparel  Marketing Team..
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