Quality Control

At GERTEX the Quality Control Team is involved from cotton to finished garment. Rigorous checks are made in our laboratory on all materials used and throughout the production process.

In collaboration with our customers, our independent quality control team performs inline and final inspections for each order, checking that garment quality and packaging is up to our customers' standards. Orders are shipped only upon their quality approval.



Our supplier�s production units, a highly sophisticated CAD-CAM Or ASSYST system is utilized for pattern grading, lay-out and cutting. Our Cutting Department is equipped with automated laying and cutting machines, which guarantees a high quality, error-free process. The latest technology automated machinery used in the production, has minimized mistakes caused by human involvement. The result is high productivity level. Cutting Unit serving with experienced masters and labor team. With expanded machines mistake rate is reduced into minumum in production, so we catch maximum production quality Cutting Team are having their preparations before cutting and making models. Affairs are quickly implemented and earned time by advanced technologied machines.


Our Suppliers possesses two sometimes three stitching lines; these are the Regular Line and the Basic Line. The Regular Line's output consists of more constructed and elaborate items. The Basic Line manufactures T-Shirts only. sewing unit, quality control performance is processed by experienced labor power.
both Moduler and Band System. Every Plannings are prepared minute by minute, so in termin our success percentage is aproximetely %90 level.



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